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A continual generative stream based on Terry Riley's masterpiece "In C"

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This application was created by Thomas Park.
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Terry Riley’s “In C” was composed in 1964, and was credited as being the first minimalist composition. The piece consists of a series of simple progressions in the key of C, which may be played by any number of performers, in any sequence, for any amount of time.

I have re-interpreted Riley’s work for Generative radio-- in “Radio In C”, a combination of phrases are looped. Each phrase is in the key of C Major, and each is tuned to the same base C note. It is not necessary, for “Radio In C”, that the phrases be part of Riley’s original chosen set.

The radio code pulls in a fresh set of phrases from the soundbank every 3-6 minutes. A goal is to incorporate as many different musicians in the soundbank as possible, to enhance the variety of the broadcast.

“Radio In C” already has many, many permutations. As days pass, more musicians will contribute, and the broadcast will become more diverse, more lively, more surprising.

I have tried to preserve the percolating, energetic, “live” quality of “In C” performances with the web application, while asking the computers’ help to create infinite variations that continue shimmering and shifting all day and all night.

Contributors Include:

Thomas Park / Adrian Shenton / Matthew Freeman / 2nd Harmonic Generation / Shaun Roberts / Rebekkah Hilgraves

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